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Premium Phant wines are our flagship. The wines were first produced in 2008. During their short existence, Phant wines have been awarded incredible 7 medals at various international competitions. The last medal to date was awarded to Phant Chardonnay at the important Mundus Vini competition held in Germany.

The quality of Phant wines is achieved and guaranteed by several important factors.

The close proximity of two mighty oceans affects the climate in the region where the grapes ripe. Sea breezes bring a vast amount of air moisture and cool the ripening grapes, thus slowing down the ripening process significantly. This allows the grapes to achieve the optimal level of ripeness and flavour.

The grapevines grow in a soil with large volcanic rock content and massive clay bed. This type of soil ensures very good water drainage, while still retaining enough moisture to produce small crops of healthy grapes.

The combination of the unique terroir, the health-giving, cooling sea breezes and the careful manual handpicking of the vineyards are all important prerequisites for the growing of small grapes, with a high concentration of grape juice. Small grapes with high concentration of grape juice are the basic prerequisite for the production of wines with a bold, characteristic taste.

The subsequent processing of the grapes, under the supervision of our experts, allows for the creation of elegant wines, which are so characteristic of this areas.

Every bottle comes with a special seal, which certifies the origin and the unique quality of the wine, as stated on the label.